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Child Safety Week


In the preschool Children's Committee the children asked to have a builder and a police officer talk to them about safety. One of the children's dad (Rob) agreed to show the children the equipment he wears when at work.

He showed them the hard hat, safety glasses, ear defenders, knee pads, high vis' jackets, gloves and some of the tools he uses. Rob explained that the reason he had to wear all these things was to prevent accidents one of which he showed us included him bashing his steel toe capped shoe with the hammer, Hattie one of the preschool children said "It was very funny when he hit his toe and it didn't hurt because his shoes are really hard"


Later on in the week PC Jason Pill Visited the nursery with his police car, and showed the preschool children how all the gadgets work and what they are used for he asked the children why do you think I have to wear a belt like this? Guy (one of the preschool children) replied "To hold your trousers up" which of course is absolutely correct but PC Pill's belt has lots of items attached including the handcuffs and an asp (the baton)



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