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Our Preschool Educational Schemes


Discover our new Preschool Educational Schemes


Growing Writers supports the complex magical journey from mark making, to emergent writing, to confident writer, laying the foundational skills that enable each child to flourish with the confidence and capability to succeed at school


Growing Mathematicians creates opportunities to help children develop an understanding of the mathematical concepts inherent in their everyday lives. Carefully planned learning environments support preschool children in developing their skills and abilities as mathematicians in action, whilst adult-guided activities help them to begin to recognise that what they are doing is mathematical.


Growing Readers brings together home and nursery life, providing parents with some of the theory behind developing children’s reading skills, and also providing handy Hints & Tips, recommended reading lists and suggested activities for parents and children to explore together.


Growing Scientists gives children the opportunity to explore concepts that are not included in the national curriculum the chance to recreate their own volcano exploding or discovering what happens when washing up liquid is added to water and learning about water displacement.


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