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Child Safety Week 2012


During Child Safety Week the children covered a topic each day. Monday we learned the Green Cross Code in which we sang a rhyme about crossing the road to the tune of here we go round the mulberry bush. We went on a walk to the Post Office where we posted a letter to our nursery about what we had learnt. The children also painted their own traffic lights and practised the Green Cross Code in the playground with our Road Safety Set.


That evening we asked the parents to go around their homes with their children and identify and talk about dangerous objects ready for Tuesday’s topic


On Tuesday we looked at dangerous awareness, we spent lots of time at registration discussing what we had found at home and how it is dangerous. Inthe role play area we had a kitchen and home area in which the children identified dangerous objects and we discussed that we only touch these things now because they are pretend, we must never touch real ones.


On Wednesday our focus was on Police, the children decided that the Police “catch the nasty people and put them in jail!” We did finger prints and created our own Police badges, we also used junk modelling to make some Police cars, as well as turning the role play area into a Police Station.


Thursday we set up a Doctor in the role play area and the children used bandages within their role play on each other and on the dolls too. We read stories such as ‘Maisy goes to hospital’ and looked at flash cards, at registration children also shared stories and experiences of when they had to go to the doctors or hospital and how the doctors and nurses helped them. The children painted a hospital and also used junk modelling to make ambulances.


Friday our topic was fire fighters, the children really enjoyed dressing up in the hats and using their imagination during role play. The children used junk modelling to make fire engines, we all helped to make a big fire engine using large boxes painted red and blue, later we read stories about fire fighters and we also discussed what fire fighters do.

We matched flash cards of fire exit signs and labels for fire extinguishers around the nursery


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