Quality Childcare

Quality Childcare

At Hatton Hill Day Nursery and Preschool we pride ourselves on delivering a high level of early years childcare and education to all our children. Our nursery environment focuses on encouraging children’s independence and choice, to support their learning. We encourage exploration, investigation and fun through freedom of choice, child centred activities and adult support and interaction.

The nursery environment also ensures that nursery activities and resources aid children in achieving the six Early Learning Goals (see information on the Early Years Foundation Stage).

Planning for our children’s nursery education starts with the child. The Nursery team observe their key children daily and make notes on their observations in order to plan how they can further extend and support the child’s learning and development in specific areas.

The Key Person at the day nursery and preschool uses their observations to plan the following days or weeks activities, recording both adult lead and child lead activities and ideas. Parents are encouraged to contribute to their child’s learning though various different strategies adopted by the nursery.

Children’s own work and creations are valued through discussions, displays and recognition. Staff inform parents each day what their children have been doing to enable parents to discuss and share these experiences with their child.

Ofsted said: ‘The rooms are child-centered and the resources organised to help children become independent learners. The day nursery and preschool staff have a very clear understanding of how young children learn and know their key children very well. As a result they are able to plan a wide variety of activities which meet the interest of each and every child. For example, a child who shows an interest in babies has the opportunity, with peers, to visit the baby room in the nursery and talk about how babies are cared for. Through careful observations staff identify areas for development and as a result all children in the nursery make good progress..... As planning successfully incorporates parents observations from home, all children enjoy continuity in their learning.’
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